Completion of the project “Sustainable Biodiversity”

Twenty volunteers trained to collect and send data to the National System for Biodiversity Monitoring (NBMS); special online section; special publication promoting NBMS; photo competition; more informed and more engaged audience with the problems of biodiversity in Bulgaria.

These are the results of the project „Sustainable Biodiversity ‘ realized by Capital foundation. The project lasted one year and ended in late June 2016. It was funded under the program the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. It was execute in partnership with Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds and Economedia.
Under the project 20 volunteers were trained. They learned how to collect environmental data and publish it into the public part of the updated National information system for monitoring biodiversity (NBMS). The focus of the training was the monitoring of Eurotestudo hermanni and Testudo graeca tortoises and plain orchid (Himantoglossum caprinum).
Under the project
In the established a special online section “Biodiversity” was created at the popular and reputable site The a lot of articles were published on topics that inform, analyze and provoke towards promoting the principles of sustainable development, including in legislation and in practice. A special “Biodiversity” edition was also published explaining what is the point of preserving biodiversity in Bulgaria, why it is important and how people can be active and involved by entering data into NBMS, which is part of the National system for monitoring the environment.

Strong role in promoting project activities had the photo contest “The beauty and wisdom of nature” which purpose was to promote biodiversity and in particular the national monitoring system of biodiversity. Winners in it were: 1st place – Diana Angelova with the photo “Sunset – Ladybird” made near Augusta dam, Montana; 2nd place – Yavor Ivanov with “The beauty of the mountains” made in the area around Klisura monastery “St. Petka” at Lulin Mountain; 3rd place – Plamen Dimitrov with photos of wild goats made in the National Park “Rila”.