Cornelius Adebahr: If everybody does as they please, then it is not a union


If German citizens don’t see the situation in Poland and Hungary being put in order, there is a high likelihood of Euroscepticism rising, says German foreign policy expert Cornelius Adebahr. Author: Zuzana Gabrižová, EURACTIV Slovakia Cornelius Adebahr is a political analyst focusing on European foreign policy and entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. He is an associate fellow […]

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Unfulfilled expectations fuel euroscepticism, shows research

Unfulfilled expectations are the main driving force behind the euroscepticism in both old and new member states of the European Union. What differs is the type of expectations people had – while Westerners expected Easterners to behave according to the true european values (such as solidarity, or zero corruption tolerance), Eastern Europeans expected to become […]

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