Project Summary

EEA_Grants_JPG_4642_1-300x300Lack of sufficient objective information and debate in the public space is among the main obstacles for the realization of human and citizen rights in full. Media that fail to effectively protect the public interest are the main reason why people are not well informed about their and others’ rights and allow abuse, become disengaged, alienated and intolerant to others, and especially to vulnerable groups. The project aims to increase public awareness, sensitivity and tolerance. Using an innovative platform, which includes interactive maps, debates and a constant thematic section with news, analyses, commentaries, best practice and interviews, the project will inform about and promote rights in three key areas – rights of vulnerable groups, the right to vote, justice. Decision makers and young people are the main target groups. We will focus the attention of the former on the problems and their possible solutions, whereas by informing the youth we will provoke more citizen participation in solving problems. Thus the project will lead to higher levels of knowledge and sensitivity about rights – ours or others’ – and hence, to an overall change in the values and the mentality of society as a whole.