Capital Foundation is a non-profit legal entity, registered in 2003

Main goals of the Foundation are:

  1. to promote the values and ethical standards of free and independent media
  2. to contribute to the professionalism of the Bulgarian Media
  3. to consolidate and spread the values of civil society
  4. to promote public debate
  5. to support sustainable development of the regions, communities, institutions, branches

The means by which the Foundation achieves its goals are:

  1. professional training and promotion of journalists in collaboration with similar institutes in Bulgaria and abroad
  2. supports the development of investigative journalism in Bulgaria
  3. works for wider public access to important information
  4. organizes discussions on topics of national importance
  5. awards prizes for journalists’ achievements and supports young talents
  6. organization and support of the initiatives aiming at sustainable development

The Foundation is managed by a Board. It is not time-limited.