Capital Foundation starts a project under the Operational Program “Good Governance”

Capital Foundation begins the implementation of the project “Quality media – quality information – quality civil society” financed under contract No. BG05SFOP001-2.025-0010-С01 for the provision of non-grant financial assistance under the Operational Program “Good Governance”. The contract is under procedure BG05SFOP001-2.025 “Increasing civil participation in the processes of implementation and monitoring of policies and legislation”. The total value of the project and the maximum amount of the grant is BGN 44,608, including 85% (BGN 37,916.80) from the European Social Fund and 15% (BGN 6,691.20) national co-financing. The main objective of the project financed by the European Union is to establish a healthy and pluralistic media and information environment in which:

a) Quality media create information in the public interest and carry out effective monitoring of state and local authorities;

b) There is a good level of trust between institutions, media and society;

c) The administration communicates and implements effective and responsible policies in the conditions of dialogue and active citizen participation.

The main activities of the project include studies and analyzes of legislation, policies and good practices, as well as making proposals to improve policies and legislation in the field of media freedom, media pluralism, disinformation, media funding. The project implementation period is 15 months.
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